My Nicole Lee Purses for Sale

The first time I fell in love with a purse I was in third grade and my teacher caught me with a purse I had stolen from a girl at school.  The teacher asked me if my mother didn't buy me purses and I said, "no."  When I got home my mother asked me where I got the purse and I told her the girl next door had given it to me and Mother said she was going to call the girl.  While Mother was calling the girl I ran over to her house to tell her to vouch for me but I wasn't able to find her, much less convince her.  I was caught.


The purse (as I recall) was red, flat and round with slots to keep different coins in, dimes, nickles, pennies and quarters.  The two flat sides zippered togeter to form an elongated disk which you held in your hand.


The next purse I remember was a cowhid purse which I prevailed on my father to buy and Corrigan ville when the family visited that scenic ranch.  I loved that purse very much.


Last week I found a section of Nicole Lee purses in the Goodwill and I fell in love.  They were priced high, $24.99 to $39.00 so I only bought one, a pink and gold snap open purse with a cartoon goddess on the front and back.  I took it home and wrestled with my concience until I gave up and went back to the Goodwill and bought a second purse: this one with blue goddess on the front.  I decided to go to all the Goodwills to see if they had more of these purses because I had never seen such pretty purses.


The next day I went to the Burbank Goodwill and I asked if they had any purses like the one I carried in.  The clerk told me to talk to the manager and the manager took me upstairs to a huge room filled with dirty junk and cluttered with months of debris.  Stacked against one wall were 500 Nicole Lee handbags.  I went ape.  I begged the guy to let me come back with my camera and my girlfriend.


Deana loved the purses more than I did.  We took photographs and made a video.  To pay the man back for letting me rout through the handbags I vaccumed part of the floor and chose three of the best handbags and told him the Glendale prices to help the guy get started selling the huge amount of handbags he needed to sell.  The guy's name was Henry.  Henry told me we could come back at 1:00 p.m. Friday.


The next day I went to the Montrose Goodwill and the Tujunga Goodwill.  Montrose was a small boutique and they said they would like about three bags.  Tujunga never heard of the bags.  I went back to the Glendale Goodwill and took photographs of the three display stations they had designated for this promotion but all of the good ones were gone, leaving only the run of the mill handbags.


I called Deana and we decided that one approach would be to gather up all of the really good stuff and dicker for a price and store the purses.  I decided to open up my old air conditioning duct for storage.


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